Bipolar, Babe

"Just a little bipolar, babe," I say. At least he'll know what to expect when he comes upstairs. The back door was wide open...

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What I prefer not to do before 10 AM

Change  poopy diapers Pick off cutworms from tomatoes Examine my wrinkles under magnification and strong morning light Bat at a wasp Begin a new website It is Friday. Often I look after my two young grandsons on Fridays. We are just now leaving the phase where this could have meant up to two poopy diapers before... Continue Reading →

Finished Things

The fireplace. The book. Our daughter's trip to Europe.(She won't let me post a picture of her.) My soon-to-be-legendary spaghetti salad. plus This blog post.

Of spent blooms and humming-pigs

This year I broke a previous vow and planted annual flowers. I knew full well that I was dooming myself to frequent watering and care over and above the usual. But they're so pretty! Since our house is dark (weathered pine) I chose to put in many, many white petunias interspersed with deep salmon pink... Continue Reading →

The Two-Cent "The"

So without calling into question my entire decision to self-publish my first book, let me simply state the rule one more time. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY A WRITER PROOFREAD HER OWN WORK. My mother wrote columns, news and books. She began roping me into her study when I was very young to proof her stuff.... Continue Reading →

Pink terry cloth and proofs

It is 2:15 in the afternoon. I've been up, as usual since 6 or so. And I've been in front of this computer for nearly every minute of it. I'm trying to be faithful to my own websites (2) and blogs (2) and this is the week the mock-up of my first book has arrived... Continue Reading →

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